Nasalis Larvatus Tours and Travel is an inbound tour operator based in Sabah, East Malaysia.

The team of individuals operating this travel agency is born in Sabah. And they know what it takes to make a holiday in their State truly memorable.

Nasalis Larvatus Tours and Travel also operates the Nature Lodge Kinabatangan (bed & breakfast category accommodation) and Agamid Nature Lodge (deluxe category accommodation scheduled opening February 2008), both located in Kampung Bilit along Kinabatangan River.

Meanwhile we work with other operators on packages such as (on West Coast of Sabah) white water rafting, Garama River cruises, Mount Kinabalu climb, (on East Coast of Sabah) Turtle islands trips, Gomantong caves visit, Sandakan city tours and Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre day trips. Upon request, we will also conduct tailored made packages.

With both Nature Lodge Kinabatangan and Agamid Nature Lodge, we have been able to maintaining a balance between the corporate responsibility of profit making and social environment conservation.

Nasalis Larvatus is the scientific name of the endangered and endemic primate of Borneo, the proboscis monkey; a reflection of the rare qualities of the individuals who operate this tour and travel agency.

Come visit Sabah with us and experience it yourself....

Popular Destinations - Sandakan

Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre
This world-famous Sanctuary enables visitors to come in close contact with the remarkable "Orang Utan"

Turtle Islands

The islands within the Park play an important role as the breeding ground for Green turtles in all of South East Asia.

Kinabatangan River
'Sungai Kinabatangan' is Sabah's longest river and measures 560 km from its headwaters in the southwest of the state and empties into the Sulu Sea, east of Sandakan.

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